Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Parable of the.... Rose Family Fruits

July brings the start of the main summer harvest in our garden and, although strawberries and some raspberries have fruited, now there are all the currants, plenty of raspberries, loganberries and tayberries and even the blackberries are starting to turn red, ready for an August picking.

Cherries are safely picked and turned into pie and jam; apples and pears are swelling in the orchard and the crab apple tree is so laden we have to stoop to walk under it. Even our baby plum tree has a few ripe fruit for the first time ever.

This month we are using these summer fruits as a basis for our Forest Church, taking a slightly different angle on the parable of the sower. This time the seeds are not being planted straight in the ground, we are considering their growth even before harvest time, as they are growing to maturity in their parent plant.

Join us as we muse together on how we allow God's word (these same seeds) to grow in us to maturity.

There is a link to an audio file and also a simple video for those who like pictures to focus on.

Please add your comments and thoughts below when you have had a chance to participate in this month's Forest Church - I am only sorry I can't share with you the real fruit from our garden that I had hoped would be part of this session!

Audio Podcast (MP3) of July's Forest Church

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  1. Thanks Diana, we sat in the woods this evening and listened. What a great mix of storytelling, opportunities to wonder and opportunities to reflect. Terry says you should have your own TV series!